3 comments on “Mt Kazbek 2011, trials tribulations and success.

  1. Hello, nice story! I`ve been on Kazbek this summer too.
    When I`ve reached the summit, the weather became very bad and the visibility was reduced to 10-15 metres.

    Note that kazbek is NOT the second highest mountain in Russia (there are other caucasius 5-thousands that are higher than Kazbek)

    • Thanks for the comment and congratulations on your summit. Your right in saying its not the second highest, although there is always dispute as to whether the peaks are in Georgia or Russia, anyway Blog now updated.

  2. Hey Mark,

    enjoyed your blog, you sure write a good story. It is my intention to retire in January next year, so if you are going anywhere interesting (and it looks like that what you do) give me a holler.


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